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On Friday 15 September our school was visited by the members of the American Airforce. The event was started by a presentation about our school and town, mainly about Ostrava-Poruba. The presenter was Jaromír Zajíček from the class 4.C. This presentation was mainly for the soldiers to inform them about us and what we do here. The presentation was well done, and the soldiers had some questions about Czech school system, which were answered by Jaromír. After that it was time for the soldiers to tell the students something about them. Each of them stood up one by one and introduced themselves, they told us their name, rank, and position in the Airforce. The students then got the chance to ask any question they wanted. We asked about their military experiences, why they joined the military, if they like it there and more. They happily answered all the questions and when the time ran out, some of us took photos with them. At the end of the visit Jaromír Zajíček and David Faul accompanied the Americans to lunch. The soldiers had a typical Czech dish “svíčková”. Finally, Jarda and David showed them around the school building.

Tereza Hrabovská, 4. C